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The Thief, the Killer and the Rapist

Watch out for the New Exploitation Dynamite the Southern Blaxpoitation Late Western Gangster Movie The Thief The Killer and the Sadist

Atlanta in the 20's:

Daniel Murphy is Rally a charming Thief, Trickster and Booze Smuggler and he is the Boss of the Rubber Boys a Gang of Smooth Criminals with cool Hats with feather trimming, light blue shirts striped Jackets, flat striped Pants and a Pocket Watch they stole a lot Stuff and sell a lot Stuff but they are not bad People who kill for fun but they fight ive they must real funny like Fred and Grady Rallys Part begins in a Strip Bar where he stole the Key of a Booze Truck from a Moonshiner while the Moonshiner watching the Hot Dance of Yolanda (Halle Berry) who is Rallys accomplice they drive away with the Truck it views a Animation The Thief

In the next Scene we see Tommy Lister Jr. as Bubba King of the Jungle the Leader of the Giant Gorillas a gang of Big Black Bald Hardass Killers whos the archfiends of the Rubber Boys in the first Scene they robb a Motel and kill everybody who is in inside with their Bear Hands they hit People to death the choke People to death and they crash People at the Wall to Death they drive away with their Booty and a Animation views The Killer

In the Next Scene we see John Durnsworth as a KKK Grand Dragon who sits on his Horse while other KKK Members torture the Men of a Black Family who is bounded on Trees with Hot Flames so they near at a painful Death while the Women and Girls of the Family are get raped brutally by perverted drunken KKK Members as all get finish they kill the whole Family and John Dunsworth take a Draft from his Whiskey Bottle and says

The Sadist: "One Nigger Tribe lesser" and a Animation views The Sadist

And they three Ways are get crossed in search of the confederated War Treasuere who is burrow in the Ground The Thief and the Killer where both hunted by the local Sheriff who turned out as the Sadist

The Thief and his Men drive the Whiskey to their Disbritur who is John Witherspoon and sell him the Whiskey and then they drive to their Hiding Place a little filthy Tavern where they play Pool, Billiard and made out with their Girls Rally hold a Speech:

Rally: "Hey Brothers watch out we make a lot of money and now i go in vacation to Miami and you can do what ever is your Desire you can do everything as long if you didn't bestray me in that case a will cut your Throat so happy Hang Out and Burn Out im on a Vacation" and drive with a Taxi to the Station"

The Killer are with his Men in their Hiding Place a Cave where their share their loot and the Killer says

Killer: "We all got a little Bit and now everybody goes on the next Robb we build small Teams Deero go with Tyrone Zachariah go with Ernesto and Bulldog and Ramir with Smasher and Crasher you People drive with the Cars and i drive with the Train to Miami to robb some Casinos and he go to a Taxi too to the Station

At the Station the both don't seen each other and go to the Train where they sit on wide afar Wagons the Thief sit in his Wagon read a bit in his Newspaper where there stands Little Clown with funny Beard talks funny Things about the Jews in Munich the Varitee is amused then he trys to sleep but there comes the Foodboy who is Eddy Murphy and says

Foodboy: "What do you want to eat i got Fried Chicken, Seafood Gumbo, Sweet Potato Mash, Sweet Potato Fries Corn Bread and Mint Julep"

The Thief: "I take everything"

meanwhile in the Gorilla Class the Killer orders by a Gorilla Foodboy 30 rare Steaks and 12 Sixpacks

Gorilla Foodboy: "What do you want to eat"

The Killer: "30 rare Steaks and 12 Sixpacks"

after this big Meal they both must go to the Toilet who is in the middle of their each Wagons and so they met each other in Front of the Toilet they must extremly important on this Toilet and so no one of them both want to resign and so they begin a Fight Bubba hit Rally with is Iron Fist he is heavily wounded but he didn't give up and hit him with his comparative small Fists and Feet over and over again Bubba hit him again and Rally is near at the End but he didn't Stop to hit on Bubba and so Bubba prepare for a third deadly Hit but Rally avoids and Bubba hit in the Toilet Door and lose his Control so they both crash into the Door and fall in the Toilet from where they stand up dry them clean, shake the opposites Hand and close a Cease Fire for now though they don't even know yet that this Alliance is really important because they have a Mighty Enemy who track on them

Long View of the The Sadist an his Men while they riding a few driving with Motorbikes and the heavy armed while theirs play the typical Music meanwhile

The Thief and the Killer arrive in Miami where they check in in the El Segundo Inn the Clerk is Demond Wilson and he says

Clerk: "One or Two Beds"

The Killer Screams

The Killer: "What the fuck do we look like Faggots"

Clerk: "I better say nothing"

The Killer: "Thats a good Idea...hey"

Rally: "Two Beds and whats for meal"

Clerk: "Chilli con Carne" 

Rally: "Thats great"

and so they go to their Room enpackage their Package take some Drinks from the Mini Bar and then they fall tired in their Beds at the next Morning the Killer wake up take a shower take some drinks and then wake the Thief

The Killer: "Come on stand up and take some Shower you little Bastard"

Rally opens his Eyes

Rally: "Which Day is it"

The Killer: "Payoff Day"

and smiles so Rally stand up and take a Shower while the Killer take a few more Drinks after that they take Chilli for Breakfast the Clerk aks

Clerk: "Hows the Couple today hope you have a amazing Wedding Night"

The Killer want to strangle the Clerk

The Killer: "Shut up you fucking Idiot you think you funny right but i will show you how funny i am"

but the Thief hold him back

The Thief: "Hey come down don't forget its Payoff Day"

The Killer: "You right"

and let the Clerk down and they both leave the Motel and walk to the Casino on the Way the buy some Tacos and from the Killers Taco theres dropping some Hot Sauce on a Mexican (Larry Thomas) who holds his Siesta at the Bottom the Mexican scream

Mexican: "Hey you ugly Gorilla watch out wheres your Sauce is dropping to"

The Killer turns back and looks psycho this fears the Mexican to Death and he says

Mexican: "Im Sorry its allright i like hot Sauce on my Face see i cream me in with this"

After that they arrive at the Casino where they get Drinks the Killer go to the Cube Table and scream

The Killer: "Allright Daddy need a new Sombrero"

and the Thief get at the Slot Machines the Killer have bad Luck with the Cubes and change to the Blackjack Table where he also have Bad Luck so he change to the Poker Table where he plays with Jack Nicholson, Christopher Llyod and Danny de Vito and loss all his Money so he get to the Thief at the Slot Machines who are not so expensive because of that the Thief lose the Money not so fast but he lose too he just have one Quarter over and this Quarter he toss in the Slot Machine and the Pattern forms a Southern Flag and there comes one Coin with also a Soutern Flag on it comes out and the Pattern changes again to the Words

"Wen you search for it you will get it" and then the Pattern turns regular again The Killer says

The Killer: "What to fuck was that"

The Thief: "I have a Idea but where must be search?"

Meanwhile the Sadist an his men arrive in Miami where they walk go to the El Segundo on the Way the Sadist kicks on the Mexican who says

Mexican: "What stinky Bastard was this again"

looks up and see the evil smilin Rednecks and say

Mexican: "Oh Pardon its allright i like Feet thats kicking me"

and so the Rednecks kick him to death and then they walk in the El Segundo and the Sadist asks

The Sadist: "Where are the Two Niggers"

Clerk: "What Niggers do you talkin about i knew no Niggers

The Sadist: "Dont lie on me Nigger it will not be good for you"

but the Clerk didn't say where they are even he's feared to death in the Inside he stay hard and so they hostage him and bond him with a Cord on the Horse and grinding him but he didn't say it so they do the same with a Motorbike he is heavy wounded but he still say any Word so they put him on a Table and cut in his Finger Tips and put Chilli Powder inside this endless Torture brings him finally to a Confession

Clerk: "They went to the Casino"

The Sadist: "Thats all i liked to know"

turn back and give the Commando shut him in the Head

The Sadist: "Shut this lousy old Nigger"

The Sadist an his Men went to the Casino but the Killer and the Thief are allready far away they are on a Train to New Orleans because the Thief remember he heard a Story of a missed confederate War Treasure thats assumed in New Orleans on the Train the search a quiet Wagon sit down and try to sleep a moment of silence than crash an Indian trough the blanket he has long black Hair braided to a Plat wears no shirt have brown skin a muscular Body and traditional Indian Tatoos such as an Eagle and an Bufallo he says

The Indian: "Hey Folks im Quatche from the Chicasaw and my Chiefhood send me to help you to find the Confederated War Treasure we three can get it and we share as three but we must beware of the Sadist and his Men they like Devils"

The View change to the Sadist an his Men riding to West the Sadist say

The Sadist: "So long they are lucky but soon i will found them and then they feel the first Time in their Life whats real Pain means"

Switch back to the Thief, the Killer and the Indian who arrive in New Orleans the Indian says

The Indian: "I know a nice Hotel in the French Quarter"

where they walk trough from the Station they see a lot of Jazz Bands, Hookers, Gamblers and Alligator Stick Traders on the Street and its Voodoo in the Air as they pass a little Voodoo Shop theres sitting a old ugly Witch and a young sexy mysterios Witch (Lisa Bonet) before the Shop and watching them afterwards and smile they now that this Men are stricked in something diabolical they arrive at the Hotel who is in old French Cononical Style and owned by a strange Frenchman who greets them

Frenchman: "'allo my Brothers welcome to my Etablishment i give you my best Rooms and when you have a Desire any Kind of Desire call me and i please your Desires"

The Thief: "And what is when we didn't want get pleased by you"

Frenchman: "Ohho then i send my beautiful Nieces Monique and Rachel"

in this Moment they show up and they are really hot on has black Hair and the other blonde and both have soft skin big breasts and heavenly Asses and they are really beuatiful

The Thief: "Yes i think i like this Place"

they go to their Rooms enpackage their Package take some Drinks have some Fun with the Girls and then they got to eat it gives Gumbo with Duck, Alligator and Oysters and everybody enjoy the Meal after that they go out to the Night for some Jazz Concerts and a lot of Drinks they enjoy the famous Nightlife of New Orleans and take the Girls with them the Indian knows the best Places they go from Club to Club until they arrive at the best Club where they play one of the best Jazz Bands hot Jazz Rhytms and the all Dance and Rally got in Dance with that young sexy Witch how look afterwards them earlier she is real hot and have the sexyst Dance Moves ever she dance Rally in a Exstase of Sex and Voodoo where he is sinking in they have a Great Long and Hot Sex the best Sex he ever had after that they lie on the Beach and sleep while the Killer and the Indian drank Beer and Whiskey at a Beach Bar allnight long

At the next Morning Rally and the hot young Witch awake and they go to their Grandmother the Old Witch where she is looking in her Crystal Ball and tell them that their Trip is not finish yet, they found what they search not in New Orleans their Path leads to Texas and so they get on a Train to Texas while that the Sadist and his Men arrive in New Orleans and torture the young Witch they put their Head in Extremly Hot Water and destroy their Face but she didn't confess so the Sadist put her Head under Water much longer so she die as Wrath the old Witch put and evil Spell on them

The Thief, the Killer and the Indian arrive in Texas and walk trough some small Town who is surrounded by Cattle Farms everywhere are Cowboys and Gunmen the Gunmen examine them there's not many Blacks in this Area

The View change into a Manor in the Middle of the Town where a Patriarch in a white Suit and with a white Hat on sit in his Office with the Feet on his Table, smoke some Cigar and phone with somebody and says

Texan Patriarch: "They arrived"

The View is changed to the Man on the other Phone who is the Sadist who says

The Sadist: "Excellent so beat them up but don't kill them i want to torture them before i hang them high"

And so the Patriarch order his Men to beat them up they jump on them but they defented them with full Strength the Killer punch one after another away the Thief trick them avoid their Attacks, kick them in the Butt and let them run into Bowels the Indian fights with his Special Indian Fight Skills they are good Defenders but the Texans are to many so they get caught and locked into Cells the Killer and the Thief still resits while the Indian let him carry calm and say

The Indian: "Don't Worry"

The Killer screams

The Killer: "What don't worry what we doin now"

As they are in their Cells the Killer gets mad and crush at the Wall but the Indian says again

The Indian: "Don't Worry"

The Killer: "Tell me one Reason to don't get worry"

The Indian: "Here it is"

and the Wall crashes by some Dynamite and them free on the Outside theirs a Truck with an other Indian who is the Indian's Cousin and the Wayan's Brothers the Indian calls his Cousin

The Indian: "Cousin Flying Rain Worm im glad to see you"

they get into the Truck and Flying Rain Worm tell them we drive to Oklahoma the Conferateted Treasure is there

The Thief: "What do the Treasure in Oklahoma"

The Flying Rain Worm tells him

Flying Rain Worm: "As the War was over General Lee give the Treasure to some Muskogee Scouts who bring them to their Brothers in Olkahoma who save the Treasure until today to share them with the Black Men who are predigt in our old Legends"

And so they drive to the Oklahoma Muskogee where the Chiefhood greets them

Muskogee Chiefhood: "My Brothers welcome to our Village have a Seat and smoke some Peace Pipe with us"

and so they do after that they get on Horses and ride to the Cemetary where the Treasure also is buried meanwhile the Sadist and his Men are on the Way to the Cemetary too after they miss their Booties in Texas both arrive at the Cemetary the Blacks and Indians shortly before the Whites the burry the Treasure and as they finish the Klansmen arrive and the Sadist says

The Sadist: "Thanks for you Work but now handle the Treasure to us"

The Thief spotts

The Thief: "And why we should do that"

The Sadist: "Because with have your Mothers"

he laughs and show them and so the Blacks handle the Treasure and get their Mothers back the Klansmen want to ride away but they surrounded by the united Armys of the Five Cilizied Nations who take the Treasure and the Guns and Clothings of the Whites and bound and gag them, tar and feather them and sit them backwards on their Horses three per Horse and let them ride away where they belong too while they ride back to their Village and celebrate a big Party


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