Mittwoch, Juni 26, 2013

What goes around comes around

How’s she’s starring with her Moldy Eyes – Prepared to gonna suck my Soul – Willed to Unite with my Biological and Chemical Components – I could get involved and I would enjoy this in Kinda’ Way but I won’t – Im Deeply Afraid and nauseated of this Picture so I favour the Emotional Coldness – Freezin like Ice who only one Individual is able to melt – So I let her stand and bruzzle deeply ashamed of her Demeaned Being

I’m used to livin’ the Life of a solid carbon dioxide snow but when I see her Devilish Smile my Heart begins to pumpin – Her Skin so soft like Alabaster drown in Olive Oil from the Local Groves – The Hair so thin like Silk washed in Elephant Milk

I like the Night-Time when it's dark and quiet and the Only Voices i hear are them in my Head
I want but i won't

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