Donnerstag, Dezember 19, 2013

A Strange Town

A Man drives in his Old Fashioned Boxer Car on a Interstate - Michaels-Gruss from Karl-Heinz Stockhausen is Played - He wear a Dark Grey Coat, a Dark Brown Suit, a White Shirt, a Black Tie and a Dark Brown Hat

First the Audience see the Inside of the Car and then the Camera move outside the Audience see the Car driving on the Interstate then back into the Car

The Audience hear the Voice in the Man's Head

Stranger: "I was Nearly 48 Hours on the Way - My Eyes are burning and im nearly to fall asleep - I badly need to Rest - I leave my Purseors far behind - Several
Hours ago i hope they can't track me down until here - Im somewhere in the Badlands far away from Civlization"

Before him comes a Village with a few Houses, a Pit Stop and a Bar - The Neon Lights flacker

Stranger: "This Village seems strange strange enough for leave my Tracks down here i hope"

He parks his Car before the Bar - Went outside the Car and close the Door - Walk to the Bar - Open the Door and step inside

Formel from Karl-Heinz Stockhausen ia played - The People are all dressed in distress Colours - All Manly and depressed - Nobody is looking at him - Sometimes they nip from their Beers or tipp on their Drinks

He sit down on a Chair on the Bar - The Barkeeper don't mind him

He look at the Baarkeeper for a Short Time then he talk him on

Stranger: "Hey Barkeeper what i must do to get a Drink here?"

The Barkeeper look at him for a short Time then he answer

Barkeeper: "What do you want?"

Stranger: "Whiskey"

The Barkeeper pour him own

The Stranger tip at the Arm of the Barkeeper

Stranger: "Leave me te whole Bottle"

The Barkeeper place him the Whole Bottle

The Stranger tip down the first Drink look around and pour another one and tip him down

Then somebody is open the Door

He looks to the Door and a Blonde Femme Fatale with a Black Suit and a Red Hat step inside - She is very attractive - They look in each others Eyes

Then she looks away and sit down at the other Side of the Bar

Femme Fatale: "Barkeeper"

The Barkeeper don't mind her

Femme Fatale: "Barkeeper"

He still don't mind her

Stranger: "Don't you hear the Lady?"

The Barkeeper turn slowly to the Lady

Femme Fatale: "One Martini"

The Barkeeper mix it and bring it to her without saying a Word

Stranger: "Nice People outside here right?"

The Femme Fatale don't answer him

Stranger: "You a Gassy Lady right?"

Femme Fatale: "What i should say?"

Stranger: "You can tell me your Name for Example"

Femme Fatale: "Call me Gloria"

Stranger: "Is that your True Name?"

Femme Fatale: "Who cares?"

Stranger: "That's True im Johnny Johnny Armor"

Femme Fatale: "You can be Proud"

Stranger: "As Proud as i need to be"

Femme Fatale don't mind him even look the Other Side

Stranger: "Where ya from?"

She don't look at him

Stranger: "I bet your from California because of your Behaviour"

Femme Fatale: "And i bet your from Arizona because of your Behaviour"

Stranger: "That's True - Born and raised in Huntsvillle, Arizona - Not much bigger than this Town but much much friendlier People"

Femme Fatale: "Than why you not stayed in your Huntsville"

Stranger: "Things can happen that are out of my Control"

She don't mind him

Stranger: "What's driven you away from California?"

Femme Fatale: "Things can happen that are out of my Control"

Stranger: "Different Person Same Problem - I guess we got something in Common"

Femme Fatale: "I've you guess"

The Drink of the Femme is empty

Stranger: "Can i spend you another Drink?"

Femme Fatale: "I've you like"

Stranger: "Barkeeper fix another Drink for da Lady"

The Barkeeper goes slowly and without saying a Word to Work and present it her

Stranger: "Any Clue where you stay the Night?"

Femme Fatale: "Certenly not with you"

Stranger "Don't mean it That Way - I need a Room for myself"

He looks to the Barkeeper

Stranger: "Any Possibilites here?"

The Barkeeper don't answer

Stranger: "Barkeeper is there any Rooms in the Town?"

Barkeeper: "There is a Motel at the End of Main Street"

Stranger: "Fabolous i need to lay me down and rest my Eyes i guess you need a Room too?"

Femme Fatale: "Guess i have no Choice - My Car broke down"

Stranger: "That's Bad - I pick you up"

He looks to the Barkeeper

Stranger: "Any Chance to fix it here"

The Barkeeper don't notice him and and polish some Glass

Stranger: "Do you have someone here who can fix it?"

The Barkeeper still don't notice him

Stranger: "Barkeeper do you have a Car Shop here?"

Barkeeper: "Yes Gus have one at Main Street"

Stranger: "Who is Gus?"

Barkeeper: "He sits directly down there"

The Stranger turn to the other Guests

Stranger: "Who of them is Gus?"

Barkeeper: "The Small Guy with the Plate"

Stranger: "So Guess do you fix here Car?"

Gus: "Sure"

Stranger: "Fine - So Missy let's drive to the Hotel i would prefer"

Femme Fatale: "Same as me"

They stand up and the Stranger put her hear Mink on

They leave the Bar and walk to the Car - He open her the Door and she get in - Than he open the Driver's Door get in and they drive on the Main Street - It's dark and all seems mysterious and abandonment - Sirius: The Wheel from Karl-Heinz Stockhausen is played

The came to the Motel which is called "The Lost Souls Motel"

Stranger: "What a fitting Name"

Femme Fatale: "I've you mean it so"

The Stranger open to Door - Step out and open the other Door - The Femme step out and they walk to the Motel and go inside

Inside it is even more spooky - Nobody is in Sight - There is a Empty Reception with a Bell and a Notice Book on it

The Stranger ring the Bell again and again - Finally somebody come by the Way - An Old Skinny Man with Light Hair

Old Receptionist:"Yeah Yeah and old Man isn't a D-Train"

The Receptionist step behind the Reception Table

Old Receptionist:"What do you want?"

Stranger: "Rooms what else?"

Old Receptionist: "What do i know One or Two?"

Femme Fatale: "Two"

The Receptionist hand them the Keys

Old Receptionist: "I give you Room 6 and 7"

Stranger: "Fine"

The Stranger take to Keys and give the 6 to the Femme and touchin her Hand with it shortly

They look into each other Eyes

Then she take the Key and her Hand away - He too

They walk to their Rooms - She open her Door

He is looking to Her

Stranger: "Good Night"

The Femme Fatale is looking to him but didn't say anything and go into her Room and close the Door

The Stranger shorly looks after her than he go to his Room too

Inside the Room he looks around - There is just a Bed, a Bed Table, a Table and a Chair - He sit down in the Chair smoke a Cigarette than he lay his Hat on the Bed Table and lay down in his Cloths and fall asleep

By Night he awake because of a Crashing Item and a Scream - He jump up, open the Door, ran outside the Room and knock on the Femme's Door - No Reaction so he open the Door - The Femme is away, The Lamp is broken, The Bed is troubled and the Windows stand widly open - Wind blow the Curtains

He ran outside the Room to Reception

The Receptionist sits there, read the Newspaper and don't look up

The Stranger ring the Bell

The Receptionist don't react

The Stranger ring the Bell another Time

The Receptionist still don't react

The Stranger ring the Bell much often and scream

Stranger: "What's up with you Dickhead?"

The Receptionist look up from his Newspaper

Receptionist: "No Reason to get abusive"

Stranger: "The Lady where is she?"

Receptionist: "Which Lady?"

Stranger: "Are you kidding me the Lady i come with earlier"

Receptionist: "There was no Lady you come here by yourself"

Stranger: "When this is a Bad Joke i warn you i rip up your Head and shit inside of your Throat"

Receptionist: "Are you mad - First you ring like a Lunatic, than you talk some Bullshit about a Woman that don't exist and now you want rip my Head off"

Stranger: "I don't know what is going on here but i will find it out"

The Stranger ran out the Motel get into his Car and drive to the Bar - Zyklus from Karlheinz Stockhausen is played

He park before the Bar walk to it open the Door and step inside

Stranger: "Barkeeper"

Barkeeper: "Hello Stranger can't sleep - Want another Drink?"

Stranger: "Oh now you are friendly"

Barkeeper: "Im always friendly"

Stranger: "Yeah like the Crowds who try to spread a Lot of Holes in me with the Machine Guns at Ohama Beach"

Barkeeper: "I was one of them - I immigrated after War"

Stranger: "I guessed so - Do you remember the Lady who was here earlier?"

Barkeeper: "Which Lady?"

Stranger: "The Lady who sat here earlier"

Barkeeper: "Don't remember a Lady - Don't remember any Lady here the last 2 Years"

Stranger: "You one of them i guessed so"

Barkeeper: "One of whom?"

Stranger: "Forget it hand me a Drink"

The Stranger sits down

The Barkeeper hand him the Bottle - The Stranger pour himself a Drink and nip it down than another and another

Stranger: "I assume right nobody else see that Lady?"

Nobody reacts

Stranger: "I guessed so"

He nip down another Drink

After a while he is sleepy again an decide to go back to the Hotel - He shamble out of the Bar and drive fast back to the Motel - On the Way he came up from the Street and crash into a House - He lose his Consciousness and awake shortly and see the cloudy Silhouette of Gloria before he loose his Consciousness again - Akrata from Xenakis is played

As he awake again he lye in his Motel Bed and a Old-Fashioned Doctor hear his Heart

Doctor: "He's awaking"

Beneath the Doctor stand the the Sheriff, the Barkeeper and the Motel Owner - But he loose his Consciousness again while still seeing the cloudy Silhouettes and hearing them

Barkeeper: "Did he hear anything?"

Doctor: "I don't think so"

Sheriff: "Don't get Paranoid Barney - He don't know what is going on"

As he awake again - He is alone in the Room - He stand up and rabble his Hair and notice - He have a Bandage around his Head - He go to the Bathroom and wash his Face

The Audience hear the Voice in his Brain

Stranger: "What happenend here? What is up with this Town and it's strange Inhabitans? And the Woman why i see her again - Is she a Accomplince of them?"

He go for a Pee

Than he go back to the Room and smoke a Cigarette

After that he dress him up and go out of the Room - He walks to the Reception

The Motel Owner seems much more friendly than before

Motel Owner: "Hey you wake up - Do you feel Well?"

Stranger: "Why you care about me now?"

Motel Owner: "I always care about my Guests and you got a Bad Accident - Don't you Remember?"

Stranger: "No what happened?" (Of course he remember but he play the Fool)

Motel Owner: "You got a Bad Crash with your Car The Sheriff found you and brought you here"

Stranger: "Where is my Car?"

Motel Owner: "It's totally demolished - They brought it to the Junk Yard to crash it down"

Stranger: "Fuck - How i suppossed to go away from here?"

Motel Owner: "Well i've you have enough Money maybe someone sell his Car to you but you defently not got away with this much cheap"

Stranger: "I thought so - Is there any Alternative?"

Motel Owner: "Don't think so - There is no Railroad Connection 200 Miles around here"

The Stranger turn away walk to the Door - Open it - Leave the Motel and walk to the Rain while he light another Cigarette

Again the Audience hear the Voice in his Brain

Stranger: "Here i am stucked into Nowhere with no Chance of getting away i only got 100 Bucks left and i can't call my People to send me Money without bringing them in Massive Danger but one good Thing this Situation got - My Haunters don't find me here either"

The Stranger walk trough the Rain to the Bar and go in as he comes in something is changed - Everybody is starring at him some are whispering he look at them and then turn forward and sit down - Pithoprakta of Xenakis is played

Barkeeper: "Same as always"

The Stranger is nodding

The Barkeeper present him the Whiskey Bottle

The Stranger is pour himself in and nip it down

The People still starr at him

Stranger: "What is up with you People - Im such attractive"

The People still starr at him

The Stranger: "Weirdos"

The Stranger turn back to the Barkeeper and nip down another Drink

After a While he is drunk and he lurch out of the Bar - Stagger totally drunk along the Main Street - There comes a Car with Full Speed and want to knock him over but he can jump away and land in the Mud - He stands up and is totally dirty - He shake up some of the Dirt

The Stranger: "Psycho"

He scream

The Stranger: "This whole Town is full of Psychos"

He walk back to the Motel - He open the Door and barge into it over the Receptionist who look at him but he didn't look to him to his Room which Door he open and fall into the Bad and fall asleep with his cloths on and the Head over his Face - Achorripsis of Xenakis is played

At the Next Day he awake with a Headache - He hold his Head, stand up, put his Hand from his Face and totter to the Bathroom - Put Water in his Face and drink a Glass of Whiskey than he go back to the Room

He sat his Hat on - Sit down to the Bed and light a Cigarette - He smoke it and starr out of the Window - It's raining

Again the Audience hear the Voice in his Head - Kottos for Solo Cello from Xenakis is played

The Stranger: "In which fucked up Town i am? In which fucked up Sitation i stuck? How i get out of this? What i am gonna do now? Who want to knock me down last Night? Was it one of the Inhabtians, one of my Haunters or just a Coincidence? Questions over Questions but no Answers

A While the Audience see the Stranger sitting and looking outside in the Rain - Then he take another Breath of his Cigarette - Than the Scene is is faded out

In the Next Scene he step outside the Motel Room and meet the Motel Owner on the Floor

Motel Owner: "Oh Mr. Nobody glad to meet you - Are you coming to the Dance in the Saloon this Evening?"

The Stranger: "Dance? - The People here are dancing?"

Motel Owner: "Sometimes"

The Stranger: "Fascinating - I imagine the Old Jesper dancing the Foxtrott"

Motel Owner: "Oh yeah he do that for Real - He was Truly Fox in his Younger Years"

The Stranger: "I will check it out"

Motel Owner: "See you there"

The Stranger looks irritated, smile and shakes one Head then he walk on

The Scene is faded out and fade in to the Saloon where they play Acid Jazz from Django Reinhardt

Some of the People have their Wifes with them and dancing and the Old Jesper dance the Foxtrott for Real

The Stranger step in and look a little surprised and to the Old Jesper and laughs - Then he goes to the Bar

The Barkeeper fix some Drinks for the People at the Counter

Barkeeper: "Greetings Stranger"

The Stranger: "Lot a Rush in Here today"

Barkeeper: "Oh yeah It's the annual Lewis & Clark Dance"

The Stranger: "Lewis & Clark? They come over here?"

Barkeeper: "Oh no not that Lewis & Clark - That was some Booze Smugglers who make the Long way to our Town to deliver us with Booze while the Prohibition"

The Stranger: "Oh now i know why everybody is so exicited"

Barkeeper: "What do you like to Drink - Same as usual?"

The Stranger: "Yes never change my Habits"

The Barkeeper bring him a Glass and the Bottle - The Stranger pour in a Drink and nip it down, pour in a another Drink and want to pour it down while watching to the the Crowd and smiling but then the Door open and the Femme Fatale steps in with her bewichting Atmosphere and look with her bewichting Look at the Stranger who starr like he is seeing a Ghost

The Stranger holds the Glass in his Hand

The Femme steps forward to him

Femme Fatale: "Why you starring at me?"

The Stranger: "I thought you were dead"

Femme Fatale: "Why should I?"

The Stranger: "I heard you screaming and then you were vanished"

Femme Fatale: "What do you talking about - Do i know you?"

The Stranger: "You kidding me right?"

The Femme Fatale looks clueless

The Stranger: "What's up with this Town People vanish - People change their Moods - People don't remember"

Femme Fatale: "I ask me that too permanently - Im sick of this Bunker right yet - Are you like to step outside with me"

The Stranger: "Sure nothing more than that"

Femme Fatale: "Fine then Let's go for a Walk"

The Stranger pull the Femme her Mink on

And then they leave the Saloon Arm in Arm

Outside they walk along the Street into the Park where they walk trough

The Stranger: "Do you really don't remember me"

Femme Fatale: "I would remember such a Nice & Handsome Man - Never seen a Man like that in this Town - You aren't from here right?"

The Stranger: "No im from Huntsville, Arizona"

Femme Fatale: "I bet this is a Nice Place"

The Stranger: "Sure it was then"

Femme Fatale: "It isn't anymore"

The Stranger: "No not really"

Femme Fatale: "What happened?"

The Stranger: "Don't let us blur our Mood with such Sillyness"

Femme Fatale: "Fine with me let us just enjoy this beautiful Moment"

They look lovely in each their Eyes and kiss each other

The Camera zoom out

The Audience see that they are getting observed by a Man wearing a plaid Shirt who look out of the Window of a Old Wooden House

Then the Camera zoom in again

They finish kissing

The Stranger: "I would prefer we go back the the Bar and have a Drink"

Femme Fatale: "I prefer we got to the Motel"

The Stranger: "Just one Drink im very fascinated of this Weird People celebrating"

Femme Fatale: "Ok but just one"

The Scene is faded out

They go back to the Bar step in and go to the Counter

Barkeeper: "There they are our Fresh Couple you miss the whole Show"

The Stranger: "I thought so the Old Jesper is still fit like an Young Rock Steady"

Barkeeper: "Yeah when he is dancing into Trance he is fresh like in his Youngster Years"

The Stranger: "Let's celebrate this - Bring me a Bottle of Scotch"

The Femme Fatale give him the Look

The Stranger: "Ok just a Glass"

Barkeeper: "And for the Lady?"

Femme Fatale: "Sex on the Beach"

Barkeeper: "I'm fine with the Sex but there is no Beach round here"

Femme Fatale: "Old Joke don't getting any better"

Barkeeper: "Just tried"

The Barkeeper fix the Drinks - They drink it and watch the Crowd dancing - The Stranger is laughing and even the Femme open her Mouth for a little Smile - The Old Jesper is rocking on without a Break to the Hillarious Swing Music

The Scene is faded out

They arrive at the Motel

Motel Owner: "Hey you got an Impressive Catch with you"

The Femme smiles - The Stranger smiles even more

They go to the Room

Femme Fatale: "So here you live"

The Stranger: "Just until i found something more compfortable

Femme Fatale: "Like a Rat Hole or something"

The Stranger: "Kind A"

The Femme laughs

They kiss each other than the fall to the Bed and sleep together and after that they fall asleep

At the next Morning the Stranger awake - He looks happily to the Side but there is no Woman and no Sign of her - No Cloths - No Lipstick - No Smell of Perfum

He stands up - Bo the Bathroom - There isn't a Sign neither

He dress him on, light a Cigarette and step outside the Motel Room

He walks to the Reception - The Motel Owner reads the Newspaper

He steps before him

Stranger: "Hey Good Morning Fella"

The Motel Owner don't react

Stranger: "Hey"

The Motel Owner still don't react

The Stranger ring the Bell

Stranger: "Hey"

The Motel Owner still don't react

Stranger: "Hey are you kidding me"

The Stranger pull his Newspaper down

Stranger: "Hey what's wrong with you"

Motel Owner (nerved):"What do you want?"

Stranger: "I thought we got this behind us"

Motel Owner: "So you thought what do i care"

Stranger: "You're an Strange Guy"

Motel Owner: "I could tell the Same of you"

Stranger: "What's with the Woman - Did she leave?"

Motel Owner: "Which Woman?"

Stranger: "The Woman i come with yesterday - Do you see her?"

Motel Owner: "There was No Woman"

Stranger: "Not that again - Don't try to joke on me"

Motel Owner: "I never Joke - You're come alone this Night"

Stranger: "What's with you People - You're totally nuts"

Motel Owner: "I've that's your Opinion - Don't border me any longer"

The Stranger shakes one Head - Than he leave to Motel and walks to the Saloon - On the Way a Black Car drives beside him as he looks at it it drives faster

The Audience hear the Voice of the Stranger

Stranger: "I know this Car from somewhere but i can't figure out from where"

The Stranger comes to the Bar and step in

Everybody is depressed like before - Nobody notice him

The Stranger steps to the Bar

Stranger: "Hey Dude What's up - Hangover Time here"

The Barkeeper don't react

Stranger: "Hey that Game again"

The Barkeeper still don't React

The Stranger hits on the Corner

The Barkeeper turn into his Direction

Barkeeper: "What do you want?"

Stranger: "Same as always and some Info"

The Barkeeper bring him the Bottle and a Glass and poor him a Drink in

Barkeeper. "What Info?"

Stranger: "What's with the Woman i was here yesterday"

The Barkeeper looks strangely at him

Stranger: "Don't tell me you didn't see her"

Barkeeper: "I didn't know what you're talking 'bout"

Stranger: "I knew it - Same Old Game same Old Story"

Barkeeper: "You must me some kind'a out of Track but what do i care"

The Stranger poor down his Drink - Then he look to the Crowd

Stranger: "I bet no one of your Party Animals seen her?"

Nobody reacts

The Stranger: "I guessed so"

Then he turn back to the Barkeeper

Stranger: "Yesterday they all was so gay about their Party and now hard to believe that this Grey Owl's was the Same Hipsters that dance the Foxtrott Yesterday"

Barkeeper: "Which Party you talkin' 'bout"

Stranger: "You want to tell me that you don't even remember the Party"

Barkeeper: "I think you should visit a Therapist"

The Stranger shakes on the Head again, pour another Drink in and nip it down

The Scene is faded out

He walk totally drunk to the Night as the Black Car shows up again - As it is close to him it drives beside of him - He looks to it and the Driver gives Speed but he could shortly seen his Face - A Ugly Face of a Boxer - The Stranger get a little fritghtened

The Audience hear the Voice of the Stranger

The Stranger: "I see that Man before - But from where - It is somebody from my Past but i can't sort him in"

The Stranger walks back to the Motel - Walks straight to his Room - The Motel Manager don't look up from his Newspaper - He enter his Room, throw his Coat on the Bed, light a Cigarette and sit down - The smoke it and starr into the Room

The Audience hear the Voice of the Stranger

The Stranger: "This really gives me the Creeps - These Townsmen are weird than Hell, this Woman don't get out of my Head - Who Is she? - Is is she really just a Imagination - It is like they said - Am i going insane or is this a Tricky Game - Who is involved in this - Who is the Man in the Car - I must find out the Truth - I must find out what is real and what is going on here - Is this Town doomed or i am doomed"

In this Moment something bang at his Window - He scare but is just the Wind who trow a Knob at the Window - It's heavy raining

He turn back and take Look in the Newspaper where he discover a interessting Story

"Daughter of the Mayor of Huntsville kidnapped"

"The Daugther of the Mayor of Huntsville James Cromwell Alison is being kidnapped - Some of the Townsmen assume it's a Intrigue of the Alien Corp. under the Rule
of Zheicha Slostos aka Boss Grombat who rise for Power in the Town but the Sheriff say his Hands are bounded and some Townsmen assume this Hands are bounded by Green Leafs"

The Audience hear the Voice ot the Stranger

Stranger: "Is that mysterious Lady Allison Cromwell? What she is doing here? And why she didn't confess her True Identity?"

In this Moment the Audience see the Mysterious Man from the Black Car standing at the Window and a Flash crash into the Tree before

The Stranger scare up but the Mysterious Man is away

The Stranger light another Cigarette - Smoke it - Than he take a Shower - As he comes back from the Bathroom with Shaving Shoam on his Face and wearing just a Undershirt the Window is open and the Wind have blown most of the Newspaper away - He close the Window while the Stormy Wind whips in his Face

He leave the Room and walk straight to the Motel Manager

He pull the Newspaper from the Manager away

Stranger: "Who was in my Room?"

Motel Manager: "What?"

Stranger: "Don't trick on me - Someone was in my Room"

Motel Manager: "Don't see anything"

Stranger: "You can't open that Window from the Outside he must be came trough this Door and walk beside your Desk"

Motel Manager: "There was nobody"

Stranger: "Of Sure there was somebody and you see him - You notice anyone who steps inside even me allthough you pretend of don't noticing me"

Motel Manager: "Whatever"

Stranger: "I bet your under the same Roof as this Man and all of them who are Part of this Conclusion"

Motel Manager: "You Paranoid"

Stranger: "Maybe I am but there is someting rotten in the State of Denmark and i will find out what"

Motel Manager: "Much Luck"

The Stranger walks back to his Room shave his Face wash, it light up another Cigarette smoke it and then go to Sleep

At the Next Day he awake and have a Strange Feeling - He put his Cloth on, place the Hat on his Head and walk outside the Room - Mysterious dooming Music is Played - The Receptionist isn't on his Place - He step outside the Motel and walk down the Street - Nobody is on the Road - He comes to the Saloon and there isn't anybody neither - He walks around - There is no Soul - Nowhere - He walks around the Cramer where he step inside and look around - City Hall where he step inside and walk around - The Park - Nowhere is anybody - Until he comes to the Library - He step inside - There isn't anybody neither - He look around and watch the Books until he comes to the Newspaper Archive they ended on Februar 17 1945 - Now it is November 21 1949

He take a Look on the Last Issues

The Headlines are

"Dangerous Influenca infected the Town"

"Mayor and Town Council suggest Abandon of Town"

"Abandon close before Population evacuated"

He scare nearly to Death

The Audience hear the Voice in his Brain

Stranger: "Is that really True - Do I imagine all that People - I am stuck in a Nightmare or is this A Gigantic Conclusion to make me think im Crazy"

He run outside to the Street and try to start a Car but it doesen't work - He try it with another Car and another Car - None of them work so he run further

He run to the Main Street and run it along - He run and run

But then A Car shows up - He don't turn back until the Car drives along his Side - Inside sits the Mysterious Man and look in his Eyes - He is really creepy

But then he awake aprupt - He awake - It was just a Dream - He is full of Sweat

He stands up, light up a Cigarette, sit on his Bed and come down - Then he go in the Bathroom and take a Shower

Then he cloth on, put his Hat on and leave the Room - He walks beside the Reception where the Motel Manager read the Newspaper

Stranger: "There you back again"

and walks on

The Receptionist look up from his Newspaper and looks wonderered behind him than he read on

The Stranger walks outside - The Cars drive on - He Smoke

He walks to the Cramer and takes a Newspaper

The Stranger: "And a Coffe please"

The Clerk gives him the Coffee

Clerks: "A Quarter"

He gives the Clerk the Quarter

He drink the Coffee and read in the Newspaper

He found a Article with the Headline

"Daughter of the Huntsville Mayor possible murdererd"

"The Daugther of the Huntsville Mayor James Cromwell Allison Cromwell is possible murdererd - Some Witnesses tell that they heard something like that"

He scare

The Audience hear the Voice in his Head

Stranger: "Is that possible - Was she murdered? Maybe in this Town and i talked with her Ghost or is that a Part of the Intrigue they spin around me"

He drink out his Coffee, throw the Newspaper in the Garbage Can and run away to the Saloon

He steps in and he can't believe his Eyes - There sits the Femme Fatale - He look surprised

She is smiling at him

Femme Fatale: "Do you see a Ghost?"

Stranger: "Kind'a"

He still starring surprised at her

Femme Fatale: "Will you stand there and look like a Car or do you will you grant me Company

He laughs

Stranger: "Forgive me my Bad Manners im kinda nuts this Days"

Femme Fatale: "It seems like"

He sits down

Stranger: "Same as always Oskar"

Barkeeper: "My Name is Franz"

Stranger: "That's the same for me"

The Barkeeper brings him the Bottle of Whiskey

The Stranger pour him and nip it down

Stranger: "So you still in Town ya?

Femme: "Seems like"

and after a While

Femme: "Have a Smoke?"

Stranger: "Sure"

He gives her a Cigarette - She put's it in her Mouth

Femme: "Have a Match?"

He light her Cigarette

She takes a Deep Breath

Stranger: "So do you still live in the Motel?"

Femme: "Do you want talk all the Day or we go to the Motel for having a little Fun?"

Stranger: "I don't let say that to me twice"

He jumps up and help her in her Mink and they leave the Saloon

Stranger: "I call for a Taxi it's to far to Walk for a Lady in High Heels"

Femme: "Don't piss in your Pants i got a Car"

The View is moving on a Racy Cabrio

Stranger: "Nice Car"

Femme: "I know"

They get in and drive to the Motel

They go in and walks beside the Reception - The Motel Manager is astonished and looks behind them

As they get in the Room - He calls someone on the Telephone

They get in kiss each other and sleep together

The Scene is faded out

At the Next Morning he awakes abrupt he looks to the Side and there she lying dead in a Brine of Blood - He is scared, open the Window and jump out of it

He runs down the Street and the Audience hear the Voice in his Head

Stranger: "What happened? Did i kill her or is this again a Intrigue of that Crazy People? Are the Alien Corps. involved in this Scheme? Or is this again a Nightmare? I must find out what is Real and what is Imagination"

He run to the Libary and looks again in the Newspaper Archive - The Issues he read before fail

He goes to the Librarian

Stranger: "Whats with the Issues of February 1945?"

Libriarian: "Let my take a Look on it"

She looks on it

Librarian: "I can't help myself - Something must happened to it - Maybe someone stole it or sort it false"

The Stranger walks away - He walks trough the Park

The Audience hear again the Voice in his Head

Stranger: "What's wronng with this Town? What's wrong with me? What's real? There is Nothing i Can truly believe - This is a Truly a Living Nightmare - There is no Escape"

He turn back and run grimmy to the Saloon - On the Way he spot the Car of the Sheriff and hide behind a Tree - Than he run on

As he arrives at the Saloon he storm in and pack the Barkeeper on his Coattail

Stranger: "You Fat Sonovabitch tell me the Truth what's going on here"

Barkeeper: "I don't know what you mean - What's into you"

Stranger: "You know exactly what i mean you Ugly Motherfucker - What Kind of Dirty Game is this?"

Barkeeper: "Let me loose i don't know what's up in your Crazy Brain"

The Stranger let him slowly loose - The Barkeeper pull him loose

Stranger: "I ask me that for myself all the Time"

He walks depressed out of the Bar

There the Sheriff spots him

Sheriff: "Freeze Motherfucker you are arrested for Murder"

The Stranger run away

The Sheriff shoot on him but miss

The Stranger jumps away in the Bushes and run into a Side Street

The Sheriff hang on his Track

He run into the Side Street too and shoot but miss again

The Stranger jumps behind Packages and then into the Door of a Storage

He close the Door behind him

The Storage is dark and full of Packages

He spot a Other Entry and open the Door step outside and run into the Woods

He run and run and finally he comes to a Hollow where he hides

He hear the Sound of Men and Dogs around him

He rest a While until it is Night then he walks on

He comes to a Cave where he lay down for the Night

At the Wall he find Cave Arts which are shown Stone Age Humans that are completely unknown to him - Hunting Mammuts, making Fire, making Love and fight against each other with Axes and Bows

At the next Day he awakes but he isn'T IN THE CAVE anymore - He is lying in his motel bed and there is No Corpse and No blood

But he don't wondering - After the things he experienced here - Sit up and light a cigarette - Smoke it and look around - There is everything like before - He stand up and go the bathroom - As he close the Bathroom Door The audience see a Bloody Towel hanging on the door

He take a Shower, brush his Teeth and shave him than he steps outside the bathroom and the bloody towel is vanished

He step to the Floor and thought about something

The Audience hear the Voice in his Brain

Stranger: "When it makes no Difference what i do and everything going the Normal Way again I test my Luck"

So he take a Big Ashtray and smash the Head of the Motel Manager - He sink to the Ground - Blood spread out of his Head

Then he walks wheezing out of the Motel

He walks still wheezing the Street along to the Saloon

He steps in

Barkeeper: "Same as always"

Stranger: "You know him"

The Barkeeper brings him the Bottle and a Glass

The Stranger pour him in and drink one Glass after another until the Bottle is empty - Than he walks back to the Motel

On the Way the Mysterious Man in the Black Car drives along his Side

He laughs and greets him

Stranger: "Hey Fella what's up"

The Mysterious Man looks irritated and ashamed and drive on

The Stranger walks to the Motel and steps in

The Motel Owner sit's there and read the Newspaper (Somebody sit's there and read the Newspaper)

The Stranger walks along his Side

Stranger: "Hey Great to see you alive"

Then he walks to his Motel Room and lye down

The Audience hear the Voice in his Brain

Stranger: "Slowly i feeling comfortable in this Sick City"

The Audience see how the assumed Motel Manager turn down the Newspaper and it isn't the Motel Manager it's a Man with a Black Coat and a Black Hat

At the next Day he awakes trough a Bucket of Water getting dumped in his Face

He sits in a Cell in the Sherrif's Office

Sheriff: "Wake up you filthy Pig"

Stranger: "What's up"

The Sheriff laughs

Sheriff: "What's up he ask"

The Deputys laugh too

Sheriff: "You murdered that Girl and the Motel Manager for that they will hang you"

The Sheriff hit's the Stranger in the Face with his Bat

2 Men with Black Coats and black Hats step in the Scene they smile diabolical at the Stranger

Stranger: "And what Kind'a Bluebirds you Faggots are?"

They look in each other Faces and nodd

Then they kick the Stranger with hard Kicks

Than they pull him up and drag him into their Black Car and drive with him away

The Car stops at a Field where they drag him out of the Car and drag him to a Limousine with metal-coated Windows - They open the Door and sit him inside and there sit's the Evil Alien Boss Grombat

Boss Grombat: "Ive been waiting for you Johnny Armor"

Stranger: "I knew you are behind this Conclusion you Ugly Monster"

Boss Grombat: "Enough of your Compliments Let's talk Business"

Stranger: "I have no Business to talk with you Shithead"

Boss Grombat: "I don't think so - You murdered 2 People"

Stranger: "I murdererd one of your Footmen - I never laid a Hand on that Girl"

Boss Grombat: "Evidence against you you the One and Only Suspect"

Stranger: "What do you want Slimebag?"

Boss Grombat: "Where is Allison Cromwell?"

Stranger: "That Girl wasn't Allison Cromwell?"

Boss Grombat: "Don't try Tricks on me I know you I know Allison"

Stranger: "I thought so"

Boss Grombat: "You want to play Games - Im the Master of the Spiel"

He winks to one of his Footmen and he bringt out a Soldering Gun and hold it under the Face of the Stranger

Boss Grombat: "Now remember her?"

Stranger: "You crazy i don't know what your talking about"

Boss Grombat nodds to the Footman

And the Footman burn the Stranger's Face he scream of Pain

Boss Grombat: "Do you now remember?"

Stranger: "I wish i could"

Boss Grombat: "You let me no Chance"

He nodds at the Footman

The Footman burn him again - The Stranger scream

Boss Grombat: "So?"

Stranger: "I can't say something i don't know"

Boss Grombat: "I think he say the Truth throw him out"

The Footman throw him out of the Car and the drive along

The Stranger holds his burned Face and stand up

The Audience hear the Voice of the Stranger

The Stranger: "So my Face is burned i don't get a Chick ever again but im still alive but when Boss Grombat isn't behind that Conclusion who then? And who is Jennifer Cromwell - Why the Grombat thought i know her and who was the Blonde Girl? And who killed her? This is a neverending Story and i wish could escape from her but im stucked in it - What's next?

He walks on and light a Cigarette

He walks back to the Town and go the Saloon

As he steps in everybody is starring scared at him he notice what is going on and turn back step outside and run away he run and run until a Car chase him - He thinks it's the Sheriff but as the Car drives beside him he looks and see it's the Mysterious Man in the Black Car

He looks at him and open the Door

Mysterios Man: "Get In before the Sheriff spots you"

He shortly thinks over it than he jump in the Car

The Mysterious Man increase the Speed

The Mysterious Man looks at him

Mysterious Man:"You really got No Clue what you into heh?"

The Stranger: "Tell me"

Mysterious Man:"That would take too much Time"

The Stranger: "Who are involved in This - The Communists? The Nazis? The Aliens?"

Mysterious Man:"Much much worser"

The Stranger light a Cigarette

The Stranger: "Who was that blonde Lady?"

Mysterious Man:"You will know everything in Time"

The Camera zoom out of the Car and show it from the Outside

The drive far out in the Woods to a Cabin - They get out of the Car and go inside the Cabin

It's Wooden and Spartanic decorated - There is a Mattress, a Chari, a Table with a Candle, A Rusty Plate and a Rusty Spoon on it and a Armoire

Mysterious Man:"You stay here until the Situation is passably cooled down"

Stranger: "And when is this Point reached?"

Mysterious Man:"Someday I hope"

Stranger: "Do you tell me now what's going on?"

Mysterious Man:"Later"

The Stranger sits down on the Mattress and light a Cigarette

Stranger: "And what's for A Drink?"

Mysterious Man:"There is Well 1 Mile from here"

Stranger: "You know what i mean"

The Mysterious Man sigh and open the Armoire

Mysterious Man: "There's a Big Grog of Rum Inside"

Stranger: "I hate Rum - But okay - Better than a Dry Throat - And what i should eat"

The Mysterious Man open another Amorie which is full with Beef Jerkey and Crackers

Mysterious Man: "There is also a Outdoor Toilet a Mile from here"

Stranger: "What i need that for - The whole Forrest is a Outdoor Toilet"

Mysterious Man:"You Right"

He shortly thinks about something

Mysterious Man:"I leave you now - I have imporant Business to do"

The Stranger nodds softly and look away

The Mysterious Man leave the Cabin, get in the Car and drive away

The Audience hear the Voice in his Brain

Stranger: "So im here now stucked in some Cabin somewhere in the No Man's Land - I have no Clue what's going on here am alone like Robinson Crusoe i must the same Shit than Robinson Crusoe and don't even have a Friday"

The Stranger walk to the Armoire take the Rum sit on the Chair pour in some of it and nip it down

The Scene is faded out

The Stranger drinks more and more of the Rum

The Stranger walks to the Well and take some Fresh Water and walk back to the Cabin

The Stranger sleeps

The Stranger breakfast with Beef Jerkey, Crackers & Rum

Then he heard the Car of the Mysterious Man and another Car and Shooting - He wait shortly until the other Car drives away - Before he step outside where the Mysterious Man lie down dead in in his Car - Blood flow down his Body and the Door is open

The Stranger bounce his Corpse out of the Car, get in and drive on

The Audience hear the Voice of the Stranger

Stranger: "Now they killed this Guy too - The only one i could trust in this God Damn Horror Story - The Question is Who killed him and why? Who is the Mastermind behind this Circus? And where i driving at? I can't back to the Town"

He drives the Road on and on until he comes to a Strange Place - A Coffeshop in the Middle of the Nowhere - It sounds loud - Be-Bop Music out of it - He hold and park his Car before it - He step in - It's a Typcial 40's Style Coffeshop except of the Music and the People that sit around - It's full of Beat Poets who watch him - There are William S. Burroughs, Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, A Guy with a Beret on and a Goatbeard, 3 Men each in a Black, a Grey and a Dusty Suit, a Attractive and Mysterious Black-Haired Girl with a Black Pullover and a Silver Skirt on and The Blonde Lady who wear Sunglasses and Smoke a Cigarette - They all starr at him

Bill Burroughs open the Word

Bill Burroughs: "Welcome Stranger we waited for you Long Time"

Stranger: "Who are you and what is this about"

Bill Burroughs: "You will know early enough"

Stranger: "Don't play Games on me - Tell me now"

Bill Burroughs: "Ok ive you want to bite in the Apple of Illumination you get it"

Stranger: "Move on"

Bill Burroughs: "First of all i want to introduce you to our Circle - That's Jack"

Jack winks

Bill Burroughs: "That's Allen"

Allen nodds

Bill Burroughs: "That's Henry Pete Humphrey - You allready know Sylvana and that's Allison"

Stranger: "Allison Cromwell?"

Bill Burroughs: "Exactly"

Stranger: "I thought she is Dead"

Bill Burroughs: "And that's exactly we want to the People to think"

Stranger: "But why?"

Bill Burroughs: "That you will find out later"

Stranger: "Don't play dirty Tricks on me"

Bill Burroughs: "Ok I've you want the Truth but there is no Back Down"

Stranger: "Im allready stucked in that Scheme and im don't afraid of anything or anybody"

Bill Burroughs: "Because she is the Key to all this"

Stranger: "All What?"

Bill Burroughs: "There are Things going on the Brain of a Normal American Citizen don't understand"

Stranger: "I notice that"

Bill Burroughs: "And we notice that you notice because of that we involve you in that Game"

Stranger: "So you responsebable for all that"

Bill Burroughs: "Yes and No - You was allready a Part of the Plan but an passive Part so we open you the Door to act Offensive and you do run into that Door like a D-Train"

Stranger: "Felt like that"

Bill Burroughs: "And there is no Running Back you getting deeper and deeper involved"

Stranger: "I know and the Master Question is Who are you?"

Bill Burroughs: "I have many Faces some call me Bill, others Dr. Benway and you can call me Oracle"

Stranger: "Oracle you are some kinda Greek Faggot?"

Bill Burroughs: "You can see me as that"

Stranger: "You are some kinda Freaky Bunch here outside"

The Stranger light a Cigarette

Stranger: "So what do you Freaks for Entertainment here outside"

Bill Burroughs: "You can sleep with Sylvana ive you like"

Stranger: "Allready had that Slut"

She gives him the Bad Look

Bill Burroughs: "I know how about Allison"

Allison smiles at him

Stranger: "That's Hell of a Proposal"

She take him by the Hand and the go in a Backroom where they have Wild & Hot Sex - She entcloth - She have a Sexy and Curvy Body with Soft Skin and a Spider Tatoo on her Belly

Stranger: "What's with that Tatoo"

Allison: "Nothing just a Tatoo"

He kiss her and nuzzle her Breasts, her Belly, her Ass, her Arms & her Legs - Then he lick her Pussy - She groan of Lust - Than he love her like a Man - She scream like a Hapyrian

Cut into the Main Room of the Coffee Shop

Jack: "They having much Fun inside"

Bill: "Seems like"

Jack looks to Sylvana take a Breath of his Cigarette then they stand up and leave to another Room

Allen smiles to the Man in the Dusty Coat and they also leave in another Room

The Man in the Grey Coat stand up and turn the Jukebox on - Than he sits down again

Bill just smoke and starr into the Blankness

The Man in the Black Coat reads a Magazine

After they finished The Stranger walks back into the Foyer and stop in the Middle of the Room

Bill: "Sit down i tell you now whats behind all this"

The Stranger sits down next to him

Bill: "There is a Dark Power controlling the Actions of the Townsmen, the Goverment, Time, The Past, the Present and the Future"

Stranger: "What Kind of Dark Power is this?"

Bill: "Is the Spirit of the Nature, the Spirit of Long Forgotten Times, the Spirit of this Continent, the Spirit of Beginning and End - An Neverending Circle and we are the Enemied Intruders that it will be crush and destroy we are the Strangers in this Country"

Stranger: "We the Whites?"

Bill: "We the Humans this Spirit is much older than the Indians"

Stranger: "It is Simple Nature?"

Bill: "Nature is never simple the Mountains, the Trees, the Animals and their own Humans"

Stranger: "There were Humans before the Indians?"

Bill: "Sure they were but they were vanished by the Indruders like we Intruders vanish the Intruders there were before us - But the Spirit of the Aboriginal People live on in the Trees, the Mountains and the Birds - Even in the Lakes and the Rivers in every Fucking Little Inch of this Doomed Continent and now it spread it Claws out and pull it back to which it belong"

Stranger: "How we can stop it?"

Bill: "We can't stop it you can't beat Evil - It's Dark Power ist beyond everyhing that we can imagine - We only can enjoy our Lifes and spare more Time in which we hide Allison before them - Only with sacrfing here the New Dawn can arise which is also the Old Dawn"

Stranger: "The Tatoo on her Body"

Bill: "Youre right that's in Fact the Key - If the Blood grind in the Tatoo the Counter-Spirit grind and also the Existence ouf our Kind of Life"

Stranger: "Why Sylvana was dead but isn't anymore2

Bill: "Because nothing really dies on this Devilish Game - Life is doomed to exist"

Stranger: "And the Motel Manager?"

Bill: "He never was really alive - He is just a Marionette in that Grotueske Spiel of that Evil Spirit"

Stranger: "And this Strange Guy in the Black Car?"

Bill: "We killed him"

Stranger: "What? I thought he was one of the Good Ones"

Bill: "There's no Good Ones in that Game"

Stranger: "Why do you kill him?"

Bill: "Because he works for the Other Side and just place you there that the Beast can suck out your Soul and get even stronger your Spirit is somewhat Special - You are the Choosen One"

Stranger: "But why I?"

Bill: "The Answer lies in your Past"

Stranger: "I have done a lot of Things in my Past For Good and for Bad - I killed many Brave Men just because they fight for the Other Side and don't even saw a Sense in that Wars"

Bill: "There was a Sense in that War - The Destruction of Humanity - The Beast have gone his Way but his Work isn't completed yet and there been many further - Wars and Billions of Brave Men falling to the Ground and get frazzled into Bloody Pieces before that Mess is over but it is over there will be no Humanity No More and than the Beast finally done his Way and that's why we are here - We must the Fight keep going and Allison and you must stay alive with all your Blood in You"

Stranger: "But what we do now?"

Bill: "For Start we enjoy a little more the Pleasures of Life and keep were we ware for the Moment we save"

The Camera zooms out the Coffee Shop at the Outside a Slow Wind blows and except of that there is no Sound

Then the Camera zooms back in they celebrate a Party the play loud Be-Bop & Free Jazz, dance, drink, smoke, kiss, fuck, laugh, paint, rhmyme, sing, write, play Saxophon & Harmonica everything they want to do

The Camera zooms to the Outside where the Slow Wind develop to a Black Storm who rage to the Coffee Shop and surround it

The Celebration get brutally stopped by the Shock Wave and shortly after that is silent again and everybody is shoked and quiet

Stranger: "What the Hell was this?"

Bill: "You know what!"

The Ultimate Grue - Unable to Describe - But you can feel the Vibe 

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