Montag, September 21, 2009

Tropical Fever Episode 4

Episode 4: The Dictator goes to the Dentist

Guest Starring: Bryan Cranston as Dr. Falkenstein
Laura Marano as Gina Dominguez
Miguel Sandoval as Pedro Dominguez
Jeannie Linero as Luciana Dominguez

The Dictator siting in his Office in his Chair and he had the devil of toothache he asks his Secretary Kabush

Ernesto: "This awful Pain is killing me what I should do"

Kabush: "Well I know what you should do"

Ernesto: "What tell me or you die"

Kabush: "Well how about you visiting a Dentist"

Ernesto: "I hate Dentists they should born in Hell"

Kabush: "Well i know that you are a Antidentist but its the only kind of Person that can help you"

Ernesto: "I must be confess you maybe right"

So they went to the Dentist and check in at the Recepetion

Kabush: "We have a Dentist Emergency here"

Receptionist: "Theres no Dentist Ermegency you must wait like everybody else"

Kabush: "No we don't"

Receptionist: "And why you don't"

Kabush: "Because the Patient is also the Dictator"

Receptionist: "Oh thats of course something different you can directly go into the Dentist's Room El Presidente"

Kabush takes a Sit at the Waiting Room while the Dictator goin into the Dentists Room as soon the Dentist Dr. Falkenstein arrived also and greets him

Dr. Falkenstein: "Hallo Mr. President nice to meet you and it will fill my Heart with Proud that i was choosen to fix your noble Teeth"

Ernesto: "Stop the Idiot Talking and Move my Tooth is Killing Me"

Dr. Falkenstein: "Ok first of all you want a Narcotic"

Ernesto: "Give me alle Narcotics you have and all of them in a large Dose"

Dr. Falkenstein: "Ive thats your Will what you wanna watch while the Treatment Tom & Jerry or Seinfeld"

Ernesto: "Gimme Tom & Jerry these Animals reminds me off me and my little Brother"

Dr. Falkenstein: "So have nice Sleep Mr. President"

While he's on Toxication he dreams about the Old Times in his Childhood all was in black and white and all have this oldfashioned straight Haircuts and its Jazz Music in the Air He and his Brother playing Baseball in the Yard while his Father is grillin fine Argentinian Steaks and his Mother decks the Table for the Diner it was a good Time but then comes a crazy Clown with a Knife who is for the Hunt on a Big Duck (who is a Man in an Duck Costume) run Duck run while the Dentist is boring in the President's Teeth

Switch in the Salagar's House where Felipe and Ramon are playing Dungeon & Dragons

Felipe: "So my Magican beat your Warrior again Ramon Magic ist stronger than Power"

Ramon: "Wait for the Next Fight Merlin"

Felipe: "So your next loose Goliath"

Ramon: "Want we play Dungeons & Dragons all the Night or you have some other Stuff in Mind"

Felipe: "Yes the Dominguez comes for Diner my Father is grillin Steaks and Burgers wanna stay"

Ramon: "Of course i wanna stay its Steaks and Burgers and its Gina with them?"

Felipe: "I think so why you askin" "Just so" "One Moment you hot on her?"

Ramon: "A little Bit"

Felipe: "Dude shes only 14 Years old"

Ramon: "Well im 18 but i am a virgin too so do you not think thats ok then"

Felipe: "I think so"

Beatrice is while on decking the table and making the Salad Conchita is helping her while the Baby is tryin to cook Pudding

Meanwhile at the Dentist the Dictator ist still dreaming sick Stuff over the Big Duck who gets now raped by a Lumberjack in Front of the Clowns who is jackin off while the Doctor bors faster and faster in his Teeth while Kabush is flirtin with the Dentist Male Helper

Kabush: "What you doing after Work sweet white clothed Peace of Fine Meat"

Denist Male Helper: "That depends what you wanna do with me my strong Gladiator"

Kabush: "Oh i know a lot of funny Collusseum Games"

Dentist Male Helper: "Uh Im looking forward to that"

meanwhile in the Salagar's House Felipe and Ramon talking about Ramons Plan to win Gina

Felipe: "Ok you right that you still are a Virgin change the Subject but there is still the Problem to convince her

Ramon: "You right too how i convince her"

Felipe: "I know Gina and she is a not a easy to get Girl we must create a Plan"

Ramon: "But what Plan"

Felipe: "I think the best is you get the Way of a Gentleman first we need a Present"

Ramon: "But what Present"

Felipe thinks about the Kangaroo Balls again but winks up permanently and his thinking switch to another Present

Felipe: "How about Pralinees?"

Ramon: "Thats a Great Idead but we have a Holiday where we found Pralinees?"

Felipe: "My Sister have a pack in her Room she forbidd me to take from them but i do all for a good friend and who's that Bitch anyway to try to forbid something to the Great Magican Felipinus"

and so they walk to her Room and take the Pralinees meanhwile Conchita is fininish to help her Mother with cooking and decking the Table and goes to her Room and phone with her best Girl-Friend Sonora and says

Conchita: "Yeah do you got the Movie i got the Pralinees im so glad about watching Alice in Wonderland all high on LSD this Evening"

Switch to the Dictator who is awaking on his Dreams

Dr. Falkenstein: "Good Morning Mr. President im finish with the Work here"

Ernesto: "Oh thats fine fine bright teeth you gave me i promise i think about you when i start my cleaning phase"

Dr. Falkenstein: "To Generous To Generous Mr. President"

At his Way out he sees the Big Duck sittin on a Dentist Chair and get bored in his teeth after Leaving they drive to the Meat Trader to buy some argentinian Meat and then to the Ocean to buy some fresh Shrimp

Meanwhile the Dominguez arrives at the Salagar's House

Mr. Dominguez: "Hello my Friends i thank your for your Invation and we have some Presents brought for you to thank you for that"

they have Presents for the whole Salagar Family with them Roses for the Lady a a Fishing Pole for the Master of the House, a Geordie La Forge Action Figure for Felipe, a expensive Parfum for Conchita and Pudding for the Baby "Ya Pudding" he screams and rush to the Pudding every body is happy about their presents and thank them

Ramon is starring at Gina and stutter

Ramon: "H H Hi Gina" and

Gina responds very sweet "Hi Ramon"

Ramon: "I I I g got a Present for you too Gina"

Gina: "Oh yeah what is it"

Ramon: "Here its some fine pralinees"

Conchita notice that and starring horrified at Gina while shes eating a few of them

Gina: "Thats really very good Pralinees"

The Dictator arrives at the House too in this Moment packed with good argentian Meat and fresh Shrimp from the Pacific soon he starts grillin Pedro is helping him and they talk about Soccer (They both like the same Club Fictivia Cabaneros)

Ernesto: "What do you think about Saluccia he is a very good Forward"

Mr. Dominguez: "I think so too a very good Purchase"

Ernesto: "Thats right and Boobton is a real good Defender"

Mr. Dominguez: "That's right but not as good as Polara"

Politics (A Glad Fortune that Pedro shares the same Views)

Ernesto: "How about the newest Massacre on the Communist Pigs"

Mr. Dominguez: "That was great this Scum should stamped in the Earth"

Ernesto: "I mostly liked the Colour of the Blood this Time"

Mr. Dominguez: "I agree with you that was wonderful"

and Hot Chicks (they both say Bo Derek is the beautifulst Woman on Earth)

Mr. Dominguez: "And how do you like that Pamela Anderson"

Ernesto: "She is hot but the hottest ist Bo Derek"

Mr. Dominguez: "Yes thats true she is a real Sex Bomb

while the Baby is full of Pudding and is to slow to chase the Suricate who has stolen his Footy while the Women are finishing the Salad Bar and the Boys sit there with Gina who gets high in the Time and laughs over the Boys Jokes

Felipe: "What happenend when Kirk and Picard meets at Rigel 8"

Gina: "I don't know"

Felipe: "Nothing There is no Rigel 8"

Ramon: "What happenend when Seven of Nine ask Data out for a Date"

Gina: "What?"

Ramon: "Nothing Data even had a Penis"

a Bad Omen Conchita thinks while shes looking over to them because the Jokes of the Boys are the Opposite of Funny, no one laugh over it except for them

Ramon: "How about Worf marries a Borg Woman" or

Felipe: "Whats about Kirk where black and leads the Black Enterprise"

The Boys tellin one bad Joke after another and Gina goes more and more high while their Dads go more and more drunk and eats more and more of that rare Meat while the Woman are talk more and more about their Girl-Friends Outfits, the Prominents Outfits, the Prominents Relationship and differerent New Diets

Beatrice: "Do you see that ugly pink Dress with the yellow Dots on it that were Silvia"

Mrs. Dominguez: "Yes that was awful or that Red Pullover with the Elks on it"

Beatrice: "Also awful do you see that white Dress Keira Knightley wearing at the Oscar Awards"

Mrs. Dominguez: "Yes maybe it look got on something who have Breasts"

Beatrice: "Yeah maybe it looked good on Danny de Vito"

Mrs. Dominguez: "Im Sure is he still married to Rhea Perlman"

Beatrice: "Of course they are among together like Pitch & Sulfur"

Mrs. Dominguez: "Not like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie"

Beatrice: "Yes they are being not so long together i think even Angelina Jolie always been slight"

Mrs. Dominguez: "Yes that lucky Thing i wanna know what Diet she use"

while the Baby eats more and more Pudding and its going to explode soon but Conchita notice that in the right Time and screams "Everybody get off" and the loud Talking ended abrupt

Conchita: "Do anybody of you noticed that the Baby is going to explode soon"

Gina laughes her Ass off the Baby get in and laughes his Ass off too while the Audience realizes now what they have done and so Beatrice take the Baby to the Bathroom and clean it, brings him to bed after that and says

Beatrice: "No Pudding for you anymore"

Baby: "But i want more Pudding"

while the Dominguez realizes thats something wrong with their Daugther, Pedro shakes her

Mr. Dominguez: "Whats going on with you"

Conchita confess that it was her fault Pedro yell at her but then Beatrice says

Beatrice: "Allright we all do that in the wild 70's remember Ernesto"

Ernesto "Not really but i don't have any Memory on this Time at all"

and everybody laughs


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