Montag, September 21, 2009

Tropical Fever Episode 5

Episode 5: The Dictator has another Enemy

Guest Starring: Mickey Rourke as The Swamp Thing

Ernesto sits in his Chair and thinking Hard Kabush and Ruben comes in and Kabush aks him

Kabush: "What is the Matter with you you sittin all day long in your Chair and haven't order on Execution today"

Ruben: "Yeah we are really worried about you its not a good sign when you not in the Killing Mood"

Ernesto: "Well my brave Men i tell you whats wrong with me you know about that the Baby is not my real Child"

Kabush: "No we didn't knew that we ever thought it was your Baby because it have your Eyes and your diabolic Smile when he is in the Killing Mood"

Ernesto: "But he is a Reptile do you never notice that"

Kabush: "This was not a Mask?"

Ernesto: "Why should he always were a Mask"

Kabush: "Because it is every Day Halloween in Fictivia like your Order"

Ruben: "So great Excellence i think this was not a new Information for you so why you so sad now"

Ernesto: "Because his real Father The Swamp Thing comes for a Visit today"

Meanwhile in the Kids School Ramon gets beat up by some Football Players and Felipe stands beside him and didn't do everything after the Beat Up Ramon asks him

Ramon: "Why you didn't help me"

Felipe: "Because i want no Trouble"

Ramon: "You don't get Trouble because you the Dictators Son"

Meanwhile in the Torture Chamber Beatrice slings her Whip at some naked Chico who lie on a Nail Bed and screams to him

Beatrice: "Where are the Rebels Diamond Fabricature"

Chico: "I don't know"

he wimmers and she is hitting him faster and faster

Beatrice: "Confess where are the Diamond Fabricature"

Chico: "I really don't know"

Beatrice: "I don't believe you Punkass"

Meanwhile the President is on his Way home and arrives after a nervous drive at their House where Conchita opens the Door he is suprised and asks her

Ernesto: "Why you are not in School"

Conchita: "I went sick today"

Ernesto: "What do you have"

Conchita: "Mendecino"

Ernesto: "Thats a Place and not a Disease"

Conchita: "Oh you got me"

Ernesto: "I always got you and everybody else because of them im the Dictator"

The Great Leader went to the Babys Room and asks him

Ernesto: "I am your Dad right"

Baby: "Right"

Ernesto: "And you will always love me"

Baby: "Right"

Ernesto: "You know that i am your Biological Father"

Baby: "Right"

Ernesto: "You know that your Biological Father is on the Way to see you"

Baby: "Right"

Ernesto. "Stop sayin that all the Time"

Baby: "Right"

Ernesto: "You little... but the Point off all this is do you stay with us and don't go with him?"

Baby: "Hmm thats difficult"

Ernesto: "Whats difficult on that i think you love me as your Father"

Baby: "But the other one is a Reptile"

Ernesto: "So what do you do"

Baby: "The Only Fair Solution is you must duelling on each other"

Ernesto: "Duelling People can die at Duells"

Baby: "Yeah thats im lovin about Duells"

so the Dictator walks in the Basement to take a look at his massive Weapon Collection

Ernesto: "What i take the Uzi the Remington or the Kruger well i take all of them"

and walks in to the Range Field and shoots on Reptile Patterns

meanwhile Beatrice is still torturing the Diamond Guy now with Electro Shocks but he didn't want confess so she said

Beatrice: "So i must use Heavy Ordnance"

and this are Big Bloody Junkie Needles with Aids on it Death on Time the Guy sees it and screams

Chico: "No please not i confess everything"

and so her Work is done, some armed Goverment Troops drives to the Jungle and confiscate the Diamonds, take the Power over the Diamond Fabricature and kill all Rebels their inside and outside the Fabricature so the Day is saved again and shes driving home too and pick up the Boys on her Way home the Boys get in and Beatrice notice Ramons Black Eye she aks him

Beatrice: "Whats happend to you"

Ramon: "Some Guys beat me up"

Beatrice: "What you can't put that up on you"

Ramon: "What i gonna do about it they much bigger and stronger than I"

Beatrice. "Well then i take it on my Hands"

and so they drive to all the Boys Houses and Beatrice torture them in Front of their Family while stickin a Toothbrush in one Boy's Ass, a Bulb in another Boy's Ass and finally an plumber's helper in the third Boy's Ass and tells them

Beatrice: "Don't let this ever happen again when it is happen again i visit you again"

And as they come home the Dicator opens the Door with a Gun in his Hand

Ernesto: "Oh its just you the Swamp Thing must arrive soon"

at this Moment the Swamp Thing arrived

Swamp Thing: "Ready for the Duell"

Ernesto: "Where did you know about it"

Swamp Thing: "The Baby calls me"

And so the Duell is going started they both took Positions 30 Feet apart it comes the typical Italowestern Music and the Camera View is shortly over them so that the Audience see their Faces from Near the Pressure takes the maximum Point they put their Hands on the Guns and just in the Moment they want shoot the Baby laughs and screams

Baby: "It was just a Joke clearly i want Ernesto as my Dad well he is a Dictator and the other one is just a ordinary Reptile"

Ernesto is very glad about his Son's Love and that he not gonna die but the Swamp Thing swears Revenge on them both

Swamp Thing: "I will come back soon and use gruesome Venegance on you"

and leave the Place running like a Crocodile the whole Family take Place at the Chimney and celebrates a wonderful Evening together


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