Sonntag, August 29, 2010

Society is sick

All Societies are rotten to the Core. Nearly every Human lacks of his Childhood Traumatas and give it forward to their Childs it's a Endless Circle of Hate. This People are labil and get abused by a Few Group of Egoistic Men who use them as Slaves to build up their Empires. Civilization have a Long Tradition of Dictators from the Tyranns who domineer their Slaves with Raw Brutality to the are the Monarchists who pretend to be God-like and force Tribut from their Human Underlings to the Early Capitalists who let them no Chance as working in their Sweat Shops and spend their Money in Booze to forget this Torture to the Facists and Communists who pretend a United Society in which every got his Place but in Fact secure their Downgrading and fill them up with Booze and take first Attempts to control them with Mass Media to the Modern Capitalists who let them the Small Chance of Getting Rich by theirselfs and satisfy them with a Mass of Products and finish the use of Mass Media to Perfection.

What is the Point of All? There are always a Leading Class who bear down the People, getting rich of abuse them as Slaves and let them fight in Incenated Wars and give them what they need to don't rise up Catastrophs. Mass Media show them on a Forwarding Roll and also talk the Alternatives bad.

What is the Alternative? Spiritual Religions and Self Helping Ideologies on it's Top Scientoligy.

One Man is the Key Sigmund Freud he discovered the Abyss of the Human Inner Mind he find out that Childhood Traumatas control our Life he even sufferd by himself of the Oedipus-Complex he also experimented with Hypnosis which was the Beginning of the Healing of the Society.

Than comes another Man L. Ron Hubbard a Sucessful Science-Fiction Author who ask himself one Day why the People loves Science-Fiction the Answer is simple they hate their Life they want to flee from their Time and Place in a Long Distance Future where the Things are better so he become of the Idea to Heal the Society from their Suffers and create Scientoligy with the Attention to crush that Childhood Traumatas and create a Utopic Society.

Im a Critic of the Church of Scientoligy by myself allthough most of the Things that is reported over them is not True because Organziation is the Beginning of a New Dictature and prefer the Free Zone where the Free Scientoligtys fight the Evil that is Inside Manhood.

Maybe one Day Manhood is healed from the Suffers of the Dark Side of Evolution's most Incredible and Cryptictal Invention.

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