Montag, Dezember 20, 2010

Again a Nihilist

This is the Definition of a Saga Post-Apocalpytic Anime combined with Breathtaking Martial Arts and Shakespeare Manhood is Cursed Men must fight and their is no End all that Wars cause Destruction and of the Construction they rise New Empires which fight in New Wars Manhood is a Virus that Infect the Planet and is indestructable like everything on this Planet Dinosaurs died neither they lived on as Birds Evolution is the Highest Technique of All Birds remain as a Dooming Warning Sign of a World even more violent then that of Manhood the World of Dinosaurs Mighty Reptiles which fight for Dominance and even a Asteroid can't stop them what can stop Manhood? Dinosaurs had Brains of the Size as Nuts our Brains are High Developed Ultra Work Stations i think that there isn't a Number that could Display the Power of our Brains in Comparison to the Power of Computers and Human's can learn to use more and more of their Brain Capacity but it is Dangerous Many Human's of High Intelligence turned into Dictators the Key is the Lust for Power and it's deep deep in every Human it just need the Right Keys to open that Cryptical Estimation's to Bright Daylight and this is a very Tricky Thing some have it some don't have it it's Thing of Experiences maybe Hitler was hed welcome at the Time-honoured Art Academy of Vienna he didn't morph into that Monster i even bet a Million Bucks on it Art = Power that have all the same Roots it's a Thing of Self-Affirmation i recomend Nicolas Winding Refn's Bronson and of course Richard Brooks Crisis Poordom cause Displeasedness & Anarchy and there are always a Leading Class ive leaded by A King, A Dictator, A Apparatschik & A Oligarch it's always the same Thing and there are always a Man who call himself a Revolutionary but he want to be the New Dictator it's the Same Old Story the Old Cultures were beautiful and bewichting but Freedom & Democracy even ineffective and with their own Shady Sides are the better Choice War is Hell Civil War is a Even Worser Hell Peace is the Solution and sometimes there must be a War to get Peace

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