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Tropical Fever Episode 2

Episode 2: The Dictator has an Enemy

The Dictator's worst Enemy plans a Strike against him like he's every day doin to dump him from his Throne and take his Place his Name is Fredo Rizitelli he wears a Cape and a Eyemask and is the Leader of the Revolutionary Communist Liberation Front who is much worser than the Actual Regime today he have a new Plan to dump the Dictator from his Throne and get Dictator instead of him he explain his Plan to his dumb but loyal Helpers Sergio and Roberto Sergio is a slender Guy wearing a Red and White Striped Shirt a Red Bandana and a Eye Patch Roberto is a fat Guy with a Brown-Green Striped Shirt a Green Bandana and also a Eyepatch

Fredo Rizzitelli: "You lead the Rebels to cause some trouble on the Streets where the Rebels are in Fight with the National Security to attract their look away from their Leader so that I can jump with a Wire on Ernestos Balustrade and chop his Head off and claim the Throne that i want for myself for so much Years an finally can be the Dictator of this wonderful Country"

Roberto: "Oh this Plan is magnificent"

Sergio: "Yeah thats a good Plan"

and they all laugh evil

Meanwhile in the Salagars House Conchita try to talk her Mother in to buy her a Diamond Coulier

Conchita: "Please Mum buy me that Diamond Coulier Dad can afford it easily damn he's the Dictator he can get everything"

Beatrice: "The Thing is have you earn this?

Conchita: "I do everything for that"

Beatrice: "What you doin for this?"

Conchita: "I clean my Room"

Beatrice: "And that is a Favour to us?"

and walks into the Kitchen wheres Conchita follows her

Conchita: "Mum please"

Meanwhile the Phone rings and Felipe hang up

Felipe "Salagar Residence Felipe on Line

and Esmeralda is on the Line

Esmeralda: "Hey Felipe my cute Darling who are you"

Felipe: "Hey my beloved Esmeralda im that enthuiastic for your Visit this Weekend"

Esmeralda. "Hey Felipe thats what im talk about with you i can't visit you this Weekend"

Felipe: "Why?"

Esmeralda: "Me and my Family visit our Relatives in San Homunda this Weekend im sorry maybe i show up for a Visit by you next Weekend"

Felipe: "Oh"

Esmeralda: "Are you ok with that?"

Felipe: "Yes im Fine"

so he calls his Friend Ramon

Felipe: "Hey Ramon wanna play some Star Trek Role Play on the Weekend with me"

Ramon: "O Yeah that would be great My Mum is driving me to you in a few Minutes"

The Baby sits on his Chair and notice some Rat who rans thru the House right to Bathroom and jumps in the Toilet the Baby take the Chase and jumps in into the Toilet and flushs down and scream "Over again"

Meanwhile the Riot on the Streets begin the Communists come out their hidings in the bushes and ran over the Street and overturn and burn Cars on their Way to the Palace the National Security leaded by Kabush and Ruben realize the Situation very quick and march on and attack the Revolutionarys and Fredo brings the Wire on the Top of the Building on the oppossite Site to the Palace

Meanwhile in the House Conchita still tries to talk her Mother in to the Diamond Coulier but shes still blocking up

Conchita: "Mum Please it will kill nobody"

Beatrice: "I will kill you ive you didn't stop to ask me about that"

while Felipe and Ramon begins to play Star Trek Felipe is Captain Picard and Ramon is the Borg Queen who tries to talk Picard in to get a Borg

Ramon: "You don't know what Pleasure it is to be a Part of the Collective to know everything and share everything with the other Members of the Collective

Felipe: "Im fine of my own a always stay an Indiviuum"

while the Baby crouches through the Canalization for the Hunt on Rats the rush fast over all the time and thinks the Baby can tag they but they did'nt know the Baby meanwhile the Riot on the Streets raise his Peak anywhere theres be Shootouts and Fistfights the Rebels loot and burn everything and the National Security try to kill much of them as possible and shoot into the Crowd with Water Cannons full of Deadly Poison and Fredo makes him ready to jump while the President sleeps in his Rocking Chair on the Balustrade

Meanwhile Beatrice is at Work and holds a Man on a Dog Leash while he must walk over Peaked Barbs Conchita stands beside her and still try to talk her in a diamond coulier

Conchita: "Mum everyone in my Class have one why not i?"

Beatrice: "Everybody in your Class is Slut"

Conchita: "Thats not true"

Beatrice: "Be Honest Conchita"

Conchita: "Ok is it so but i don't have need to be a slut ive you buy me one"

the Man at the Leash says "Buy her the goddamn Coulier"

Meanwhile Ramon still try to talk Felipe in to get a Borg by himself but he blocked and holds the same dramatic Speech Picard holds in Star Trek

Meanwhile the Baby caught his first Rat with a Trap, eat it permanently and screams "I get all of you" and the Rats are not so self-confidently anymore and ran now with Panic

Meanwhile Fredo sets off to Jump all is working fine in a few secons he is the new Dictator but just in the Moment he arrives at the Balustrade the Dictator is waking up and ducks him for a Penny and Fredo crash into the Wall and loose all his teeth meanwhile the National Security gains the Control with the Help of German Panzers and the Communists who doesen't stomp by the Panzers ran away and hiding again in the Bushes once more the Day is Saved and the Power is in the Right Hands and the Dictator decides that his Work is done and its Time to get Home to his Family

Meanwhile in the House Conchita tells her Mother that she allready have a Diamond Coulier

Conchita: "You don't have need to buy me a Diamond Coulier anymore i found a Boy who spend it to me"

Beatrice says "Oh thats beautiful" but she thinks "Another Bastard i must torture"

meanwhile Ramon get it to talk Felipe into a Borg and so they walk es Borgs thru the House and the Women both gives the Bird on them in this Moment the Dictator comes home and also see them two Nerds who wairing the Borg Outfits Felipe greets him

Felipe: "Hey Dad how do you like our Costumes"

Ernesto: "Beautiful Costumes"

Ernesto kisses his wife aks her about her Tortures

Ernesto: "How was torturing today"

She whispers something in his Ear and they both go upstairs together

In the Last Scene the Audience sees the Baby who trones on thousands of killed rats and laughs like an Psychopath "I said i get all of you little Bastards"

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