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Tropical Fever Episode 3

Episode 3: The Dictator gets a Turkey

The Dictator sits in his Office in the Chair and strechtes his feet over the Table, he drinks some Rum, smoke some Cigar and listen to Tropical Music its a beautiful sunny Day and Ruben & Kabush dancin with Hawaii Shirts On they look forward to a relaxin Weekend Its Thanksgiving Day and the Salagar's other Daughter Denica comes to visit them, she is pregnant again and again from an other Man and have their 4 Boys with her Antonio Esteban Rolando and Jimmy then Ernesto reminds that he got no Turkey yet and so he jumps up the Chair and run to his car and drive to the Supermarket and his hoping that they had one over meanwhile in the Salagards House

Beatrice and Conchita have a fight again about the Diamond Coulier who Conchita has become by the Nations Possibly Next Leader

Beatrice: "You give that Diamond Coulier back to that Boy"

Conchita: "No I don't will do that"

and than Felipe fight with his Mother about that he is invited to Esmeraldas House but his Father wants that he celebrate Thanksgiving with his Family

Felipe: "But Mum i love this Girl and i want to celebrate Thanksgiving with her and her Family"

Beatrice: "But your Father want that you stay at Home and celebrate Thanksgiving with us"

Felipe: "But i celbrate all Thanksgiving of the last 17 Years with the Family why i can't celebrate one Thanksgiving away from Home"

Beatrice: "Your Father want it so and it give no Discussion over that"

Felipe: "That's so unfair"

and the Baby notice that is no Turkey so he think when he can beat a Army of Rats he also can hunt some Turkey and so he put his Rifle and go for the Hunt

Then Denica arrives at Home with her Boys who jump over Felipe and beat him down while the Girls kiss each other and celebrate their Reunion

Denica: "Hey Girls i missed you so much"

Beatrice: "We too my beloved Daughter"

Conchita: "Hey my big Sister how are you"

Denica: "Im fine what about you"

Conchita: "Better than ever look what a sweet Boy give to me a beautiful Diamond Coulier

Conchita shows her Sister her new Diamond Coulier and Denica is allsay amazed

Denica: "You right thats really a beautiful Coulier and it comes likely from a nice sweet Boy"

what Beatrice brings into Rage

Beatrice: "Why you trowhing a Knife in to my Back"

Denica is laughing "What?"

meanwhile Ernesto arrives in the Supermarket and see's thats only one Turkey over and his worst Enemy Fredo Rizitelli is looking for the same Turkey they both ran to it they both grab it and the both don't wann get lose so they fight each other with their Fists and Their Feet until Death and after a long and brutal fight both scream

Fredo Rizzitelli: "Let it lose its my Turkey"

Ernesto. "Try to take it from my warm and hard Fists"

The Dictator wins again and get the Turkey while his Contrarent only get Beloni so the Day is saved again and the Dictator drives Home but Fredo don't give up and try to ram him from the Street but after a short race Ernesto brakes down and change the course and Fredo bang into a Staple of Burning Wheels so the Day is now saved again for Real

Meanwhile Beatrice talk into Conchita to give the Diamond Coulier back to the Boy and reject his Love but Denica streghtend her Sister to share the Love of the Boy

Beatrice: "You give it back to that Boy when you take it he thinks that you want to be his Wife"

Conchita: "Maybe i will be his Wife"

Beatrice: "You much too young"

Denica: "Mum im married when i was 16 too"

Beatrice: "Thats why you are a Slut and you were pregnant"

Denica: "Now im finally take Conchitas Side hold that Diamond Coulier and marry that Boy he loves you and you loves him

Felipe is sad because he don't can eat with his Flame Esmeralda Ramon is by him and asks Ramon about Denica

Ramon: "Do you thinks she likes me, i think she is very Hot"

Felipe: "Forget it"

Ramon: "I think i have a Chance"

Felipe: "In your Dreams"

Ramon: "You don't believe me Well i prove it"

he go downstairs to make some Sandwich and speak to Denica

Ramon: "Hi Denica"

Denica: "Hi Slimy Ballbag i heard everything and im disgustedly you can go back upstairs"

Felipe "She likes you ha?"

and the Baby is out in the Jungle to hunt some Turkey or other Big Pouldry and so he found a Pheasant and try to shoot him but he ran away and the Baby rans behind him this happens 4time again and the Baby gets angry and he try it with a Giant Trap he prepare it under a Tree and hide in the Bushes but the Pheaseant didn't show up the Baby wait and wait then he see the Pheasant in the Distant and run for it but the Pheaseant run in the Circle so the Baby get confused and just before he can look he is in the Trap by himself this make the Baby even angryer and so he try it with Dynamite he prepare the Dynamite near a Stone and hides in the Bushes again after a short Time the Pheasant show up the Baby pulls the Trigger but nothing happend so he go to the Dynamite and the Pheasant is run away and in this Moment the Dynamite explodes and throw the Baby Miles away and he scream "Again" after that they close a Ceasefire and get Friends and walk together to the Salagar's House

Meanwhile the Dictator is on his Way home and the Girls discutate about the Boy Thing and they finally come to an Solution they all can fit with Conchita gets the Coulier but reject the Boys Love

Denica: "I think i got the finally Solution how about you take the Diamond Coulier and reject the Boys Love

Beatrice: "That's fine for me"

Conchita: "For me too i never been really interessted in the Boy just in the Diamond Coulier"

Denica: "I got a Solution for Felipes Problem too how about Esmeralda come in our House and join our Thanksgiving Meal"

Felipe: "Thats a great Idea i call her"

and so he do

Felipe: "Allthough I can't go to your House how about you come to our House"

Esmeralda: "I go ask my Parents... That's fine for them they agree my Mother is driving me over in a few Minutes"

Felipe: "Great until then my beloved Sugarcat"

Esmerlada: "I love you too my strong Knight"

and soon she arrived for the first Time at the Salagars House Felipe kiss her

Felipe: "Hi Honey"

Esmeralda: "Hi Stevia" also the Dictator with the Turkey and the Baby with the Pheasant arrive but he is alive and eats the Turkey too because he and the Baby close a Ceasefire and get Friends so they share a amazing Thanksgiving Dinner together and after that they all Couples go to their Rooms Ernesto and Beatrice to the Parents Room and Felipe and Esmeralda to the Boys Room while the Girls, the Boys, the Baby and the Pheasant play a Game of Monopoly and have much Fun

Denica: "Lets play a Match of Monopoly together"

Conchita: "O yeah that will be much Fun"

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